Shauwn Mkhize reveals she was a tomboy

Shauwn Mkhize, one of the richest woman in South Africa revealed that she was once a tomboy but she was then changed with marriage. She said that she is now enjoying her childhood memories as an adult. She explained why she loves Gusheshe in an Instagram picture. Last time when she posted it many people were surprised. Shauwn Mkhize is a businesswoman and is a woman of style and she wears Versace label.




Shauwn Mkhize

There’s an undeniable thrill and nostalgia that comes with revisiting your childhood memories as an adult. Last week, when I shared a picture of iGusheshe, many of you were surprised. The funny thing is, one of my very first cars was a BMW 325. Deep down, I’ve always had a bit of a tomboy spirit, but life, marriage, and various experiences have led me down different paths.

Driving this car has been like stepping into a time machine. It’s taken me back to my younger self, the 18-year-old Shauwn – carefree yet shy, simultaneously loud and quiet. I’ve always had a street-smart edge, if you catch my drift.