Shauwn Mkhize on being diagnosed with high blood pressure

Shauwn Mkhize recently took to her social media to share that she has been battling with life-threatening health concerns.

The star made it known through her lengthy post on Instagram revealing the week has been a challenging week for her.





The reality TV star said she is back on her feet now but she has missed her Insta family.

“The past week has really been a challenging one. I’ve had to deal with some life threatening health issues. But I’m finally back on my feet and I must say I missed my insta family so so much.🤗

Shauwn mentioned she had to go offline during her recovery as she had tp reset her priorities.

She advised that people should never take their health for granted and also listen to their bodies.

“During my recovery I really just had to go offline, rest, reset and realign my priorities. One word of advise I’d like to share is for us to not take our health for granted and to listen to our bodies! I went from being well one day, to being bed ridden diagnosed with high blood pressure the next.🩸🩸💉💉

“From being well one day to being bed-ridden and diagnosed with high blood pressure the next,” said Shauwn.

She said while sedated on medication, she found the guidance she needed to get back on her feet.

Announcing her return, the star said she is back and better than ever.

“I’m back with a bang! Refreshed, relaxed and I am ready to face anything that has been thrown at me and still being thrown at me. I am recharged and sober. Let’s go! I am my mother’s daughter!” she wrote.

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