Shalate Sekhabi’s salary at House of Zwide revealed!

Shoki ‘Shalate Sekhabi’ salary at House of Zwide leaked

House of Zwide is fast becoming one of the best series to watch in Mzansi. Even though the fashion house drama series has some veteran actors we have come to love on the small screen, some of the cast members are new faces making their debut on the small screen on that show. One of these new actors is Shalate Sekhabi, who plays the role of Shoki.Shoki plays a supporting role in the series.





Shoki is a girl who grew up in the township; she lives with her sister Nomsa who is a seamstress. She is also Onalerona‘s bestfriend. When hard times hit her household, she tries to do anything to help out on bills. However, she uses methods that are not legal to go about it. She uses her friend’s access to House of Zwide to get inside and ends up stealing dresses. This causes a rift between the two friends.Shoki starts dating Nkosi Zwide, who is the heir to the famous fashion house. Nkosi’s mother, who happens to have been friends with Shoki’s mother back in the day, disapproves of that relationship. She has his father’s blessing, though.

About Shalate Sekhabi off-screenThe actress always knew she wanted to be an actress. From the time she was only eight years old. She managed to get her parents’ support on her career choice. Shalate studied Film and Television at the University of Witwatersrand. In 2014 she debuted her acting career when cast in two short films Making a killing and a cup of sugar. In 2021 she got her first significant television role on House of Zwide, which replaced Rhythm City on etv.