Sfiso Ncwane’s Daughter Did Not Only Take Her Father’s Looks –

The late Sfiso Ncwane’s daughter has shocked and blessed some people on her birthday, She performed and sang with her fathers voice, she doesn’t only look like Sfiso but she sounds like him also.

Nothile Williams is a 14 year old girl who’s the daughter of the late Sfiso Ncwane’s and her mothers name is Nonku Williams. Nonku is a founder and a CEO of Ashes To Beauty Winery and she is also into construction. By the look of things, it seems like Nothile is the first born because she is older than Ayandas first born child with the late gospel star.






Even the smile in her, she really looks like her her dad. Unfortunately she has never met her father but fortunately enough she was taken to his grave so that she can find closure and see where her father resting place is. Nothile seems like a beautiful young lady who is humble. Apparently Sfiso’s family knew that Nothie existence but they seem like they didn’t care or they were not interested in knowing her.

They family didn’t have Nothile’s mother’s contacts nor did she have theirs. Nothile didn’t get a chance to attend her father’s funeral and get her share in the estate but she got the most amazing gift that can make her life more worth living which is her father’s voice.