Sfiso Ncwane daughter comes to her mothers defence

The daughter of Durban-based businesswoman and reality TV show star Nonku Williams and late gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane, Nothile Williams said the comments about the picture her mother posted on her Instagram are a bit much.

This comes after Nonku was dragged after she posted a picture of her together with her daughter, and wrote that it’s hard to differentiate who is the mother and who is the daughter between the two of them.

Taking to Instagram live, Nonku addressed the social media backlash she received and said people don’t understand her relationship with her daughter.



She first asked Nothile to describe her as a mother, and then she asked her what she thought about the backlash she received from social media.

Nothile said her mother’s caption didn’t upset but she got a bit bothered as fans were taking the caption too seriously.

“I don’t feel pressured but I’m not a very social person who’s good at talking to people. I kind of feel uncomfortable because I’m talking to a lot of people. It is like a lot of people watching. That’s one thing, but I don’t mind doing it because the comments were a bit too much. Like my mom always says to me, it doesn’t really affect me. I didn’t think about it until yesterday”. Said Nothile.

The reality TV star felt that her post was innocent and probably playful. But, it garnered a lot of backlash from fans saying her post was “insensitive” to Nothile.