Sfiso Ncwane dated the most beautiful women. Who is more beautiful, Ayanda or Nonku?

Even though Sfiso Ncwane is no longer with us, his name will live on in our hearts and minds as a testament to the life he led and the legacy he left behind. The Kulungile hitmaker was not only talented at singing, but he also had a fantastic sense of style when it came to women. Both of the women we’ve learned about in his life thus far are good, well-educated women with a keen eye for fashion and a business-savvy attitude toward life.






After Sfiso Ncwane’s death, Ayanda came to the forefront and her gospel group Abathandwa was making waves, and that’s where many people got to know her. However, many people started knowing Nonku Williams on Real House of Durban. As always, the star made excellent choices when it came to female companionship, as seen by the presence of these two stunning women.

Nonku or Ayanda, who is more beautiful? Nonku, on the other hand, is not as fair-skinned, curvaceous, and shorter than Ayanda, despite her slight height advantage. Between the two, who will be crowned champion?

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