Metro FM heavyweight DJ Lamiez Holworthy made a steamy fashion statement in an elegant outfit

This winter, Lamiez Holworthy wore a cozy Mickey Mouse sweater with a short red skirt, leggings, and black leather boots to make a fashionable statement.

As a self-proclaimed “fashionista,” she not only follows the newest trends but also adds a personal touch to make sure she stands out from the crowd.

To top it all off, Lamiez is one of the greatest female DJs in South Africa, with tattoos and motorbikes galore.

The last season of Live Amp, which she hosted with DJ Speedsta on SABC 1, has made her a household name.




In addition to her flawless interviewing skills and unequaled presentation style, she has the charisma and originality to captivate any audience.

She’s a jack of all crafts, so to speak, and this has helped her rise to prominence in the media and entertainment industries.

As a fashion-forward DJ, she is a light of excellence in the entertainment industry and a style icon in the fashion world.

Elegant, brilliant, and full of ideas, she is an inspiration for everyone around her, and her work ethic is second to none.

For the Metro FM radio DJ, these were the sexiest responses on his adorable and seductive post.

Metro FM heavyweight DJ Lamiez Holworthy left fans astounded dressed in a stunning outfit