Service provider refused to pay Makhadzi the remaining balance, Makhadzi reveals the bad news

Many of Makhadzi’s fans have bought tickets to attend Marula festival in Phalaborwa, because it was advertised that she is one of the artists who will be performing. For Makhadzi to perform at a gig, there are terms and conditions to apply. Apparently she won’t be performing at the Marula festival because the service provider or the host did not do what they agreed on.

Dissapointed by the service provider who refused to pay the balance, Makhadzi tells her fans that she is no longer part of the show. At least this time around she announced it before the show unlike some other times when fans would go to a show and she does not show up.





Many people were disappointed because they were aiming to see her do what she is known for. In the comments section some Malawi citizens claim she owes them a performance as it was rumoured that she did not show up at a birthday celebration that she was invited to perform at. However, there are people who use Makhadzi’s name when advertising gigs in order to win people, because she’s currently the talk of the town.