Serena Williams embraces daughter after confessing ‘she’s not ok’

Legendary retired tennis player Serena Williams has taken to Twitter sharing a picture of herself cuddling with her youngest daughter Adira River after confessing that she wasn’t doing well.In a post to Twitter Serena Williams showed off the sweet moment with a precious photo of her three-month-old daughter resting on her chest in a blue polka-dot blanket.


“This makes me so happy”; Serena captioned the pic.

Desoite basking in joy, a few hours before sharing the picture on Twitter Serena got vulnerable on the social media platform about her mental health. The tennis player opened up about having a rough day.

“I am not ok today. And that’s ok to not be ok. No one is ok every single day. If you are not ok today, I’m with you”, she shared in a tweet.

Williams continued: “There’s always tomorrow”. Love you”.In response to the tennis player many Twitter user have shared how much they related to what Serena might be going through. Other have also shown some concern, reassuring the tennis player that she will be okay.

“I hope you feel better lady. You’re absolutely right. It’s ok not to be okay sometimes, and to acknowledge it. But here’s the thing. Put on some feel-good music and do the running man throughout the house. It just might lift your spirit”, one Twitter user commented.

Another tweep shared how much they related to Serana’s tweet.

“This spoke to me. Thank you for these energy giving words. I have prayed for you, you will be okay! I will be okay also”.