“Senzo trial has nothing to do with me” says Kelly Khumalo as she rejects Meyiwa’s trial noise.

Kelly Khumalo has always been linked to the murder of her ex-boyfriend one way or another, whether as a witness who was at the crime scene or a partner who glimpsed as his partner’s life was being taken away brutally.

“The noise is external [and] has absolutely nothing to do with me.” When I’m needed and when the time is right, the world will hear my voice. They will not hear my voice when they feel they should, “said the 37-year-old singer.

“Whatever feelings they have towards me, I feel like it’s a projection because this is not the only case that has been a failure when it comes to the justice system.”

According to her above statement, Kelly is as upset as everyone else about the justice system’s failure to resolve the case on time. She wants closure as well and wants to close that book that she no longer wants to read because it flashes back to a devastating night that feels like a horror movie.



Below are the comments from the fans all over social media.

To be honest, Kelly went to court and told the judge what happened that night; even Meyiwa’s father died to seek justice for his son. May his soul rest in peace.

Don’t tell us the community anything. We need the truth. The entire planet wants to know what happened on that fateful night. To prove your innocence in a court of law. Nothing but the truth, my sister, will set you free. Other than that, Senzo’s spirit will haunt you for the rest of your life. The truth shall set you free.

She might say whatever, but the reality is she owes Senzo Meyiwa’s family answers about what happened in that house as well as those who were inside. God is with you. You will

remain silent and listen to them insult you, which means you are prepared to spill the beans when your time has come to be cross-examined by the advocate. For now, you will remain silent and listen to them insult you, and hopefully, that day will be the day everyone will become clear of what exactly happened on that day.

This one thinks a court of law is like a recording studio. She must go ask Norma Ndlovu, the insurance claim guru, how prison is. If she lies, we will call Jub-Jub to sort her out.

Your time is up. You can hide for 99 days, but on the 100th you will get caught. You can hide from people, but God knows what you did, and Senzo Meyiwa’s family will hear the truth. Jail is waiting for you to sing all the names of those that helped you and how much you paid them.