SENZO MEYIWA’S Murder || People Want This To Happen To Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo is a South African popular award winning musician, entrepreneur and reality TV star. She is one of the best talented musicians that South Africa has and over the past years she did her best when it comes to making sure that her fans are pleased. Her music is the kind that is said to always leave people amazed. At this point people can say that she is the best in the industry because of the love that she keeps on receiving from the country. The world knows her as the woman who is always ready to raise her voice and hardly gets intimidated by people opinions about her.

Few weeks ago the country was left in disbelief as they saw her performing her gospel songs not fully dressed. People believed that she is not respecting the Gospel field. However if that’s how she wants to do things people should just let her be. Yesterday it was a shock to the country when advocate Malesela revealed that there is a witness who saw Kelly Khumalo shooting Senzo Meyiwa but it is said that she did it by mistake. He was a South African footballer shot dead at the house of Kelly Khumalo in 2014.





The time he passed away he was in a relationship with her and got blessed with a daughter who is now eight years old. Apparently Senzo died at the scene at the scene but Kelly took him to the hospital and to the country it feels like she just wanted to hide everything. Several people have been arrested in connection to the death of Meyiwa and Kelly is amongst those who are suspects.

If ever the person who is said to have witnessed the incident reveals more information that proves that Kelly Khumalo pulled the trigger, chances of her going to prison are really high. You should remember that she has two children, the first born is a boy whose father is the popular musician and television presenter Jub Jub and the second is a girl whose father is Senzo Meyiwa.

People have been reacting on this matter after it was revealed that Kelly Khumalo shot him by mistake and the country is waiting for the witness to speak . People have spoken and they say that if she gets sent to jail, Jub Jub should take his son ” Christian”. They say he has missed a lot in his life and he should be the one to take care of him as his father. However such might not happen if Kelly does not want him around him. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.