Senzo Meyiwa must be turning in his grave, as his CHEATING scandal is revealed. 3 baby mama’s. See

Twitter users are trying to figure out how Senzo Meyiwa’s death and his ex-wife Mandisa Mkhize, whom he cheated on, came to be. In this movie, soccer star Senzo was killed. FIND OUT HOW TO CHEATED

Netflix has released a documentary called Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star, which looks into the facts and speculation about the death of the former Bafana Bafana captain. At his girlfriend’s house on October 26, 2014, a robbery took place with guns. Senzo was killed in the robbery.

The five men who are accused of killing him were in court on Tuesday, April 12, but the case was pushed back until next week. The documentary, which came out on April 7, caused a stir on Twitter. A lot of people are angry that Senzo’s killer hasn’t been found, but some people also noticed that the soccer star had been caught cheating on a lot of games before. It’s said that the former Bafana Bafana captain of the team cheated on his wife many times. Take a look around.





So, people on Twitter felt bad for the soccer star’s wife, Mandisa Mkhize, because he had sex with her a lot of times. It was while he was married to Mandisa that the soccer star started dating Kelly, and he was very happy with her. At three months pregnant, Kelly found out that Senzo was married on an episode of her reality show Life With Kelly Khumalo. She didn’t find out until then. Take a look around.

Until then, I didn’t know about his marriage. I found out I was three months pregnant.” So, I’m afraid of that. Mandisa is said to have tried to push Kelly off the road, so she jumped out of the car to confront her. That was when she found out that Senzo was married. He also may have had a third “baby mama.”


When Senzo died in 2014, Minenhle Mathaba said that they had been together for three years before he passed away. : She told us about how she knew that Senzo was married, but that they have also had a son together.

However, Drum said that Mathaba may be a con artist who takes advantage of people who are hurting. Whether Senzo had a third “baby mama” or not, it isn’t clear at this point in time.


A wife & two ‘baby mamas’: Inside Senzo Meyiwa’s cheating scandals (\