“Sengkhatele “- She did not know he is 72 years old. [Lerato Mvelase can’t hold back the laughter.]

This man seems to have left out an important detail when he approached a 39 years old young lady.

Lerato Mvelase is an actress, presenter and radio personality who had us in stitches upon realizing that the couple in question today were not totally honest with each other.




It seems weird things are just meant for Mzansi as the recent episode of the hit Mzansi Magic reality show, Sengkhatele brought forth nothing but laughter. Imagine not knowing how old your partner is!

The two ended up reuniting instead of calling it quits as they realized it was only a misunderstanding that lead them to the show.

Would you continue on with someone way older upon realizing?

The misunderstanding involved a male individual who the lady claims to be her uncle with a different surname while the older gentleman has a wife and also lied or forgot to mention his age.