See what people noticed on Meikie after this picture

Let us not condone aldutery! First maNtuli was the best friend of Meikie so She (MaNtuli) had not right to sleep with her best friend husband no matter what led them on! She should have done things better or control her loose pant! She knew that the secret was gonna come out eventually, As for Meikie, She is a human, she has emotions and loves her husband dearly no matter what! John Maputla should have done better than cheating to Meikie best friend, and all these year John and maNtuli were hiding truth and thought that Meikie is a fool knowing that they slept together behind Meikie back! No guys let us not side with MaNtuli. The only person we must feel sorry for, is that innocent soul who did not choose to be born in the shame.


Let’s say Meikie goes to jail,and Kw

aito get the freedom with John, how will the relationship be like between Tbose, Leeto and Kwaito or between Tbose, Leeto and John. How will Mantuli feel knowing that the woman she used to call sesi is in jail bcos of adultery. Will she leave happily seeing? The whole thing is confusing guilty conscience will kill Kwaito and Mantuli, as for John I don’t know, memories will keep haunting him.

Meiki has be the public enemy number one for the past few weeks following her storyline. She is seen as a cold woman who will do anything to keep her family together. A lot of viewers seem to believe that Meiki is guilty and deserves to go to jail for what she did to Mantuli,Ehike other’s feels that Mantuli deserved everything she got because she broke her friend’s trust.




However, in real life Meiki seems to be loved by many people and she is a role model to many. A picture she recently took with Mantuli and Kwaito has been circulating on social media, they all seemed to be very happy on the picture. However one thing that caught fans attention was Meiki’s dress, it seems she has the very same fashion sense like any other ordinary people. S few of her fans commented with their photos wearing the same dress as hers.