See What Lasizwe Did After Seing Riky Ricky’s Coffin Being Carried Out Of Church

Some people still don’t believe that Riky Ricky died. Riky Rick died last week after he decided to take his own life at home. Before today, we didn’t know why he killed himself. On the internet, only speculations were being talked about.

Tributes to the 34-year-old Boss Zonke hitmaker have been pouring in from fans and big names in the entertainment industry. In addition to his music and clothes, he is known for his efforts to help and support young musicians. He left behind his wife, Bianca, and their two young daughters, whom he had with her. A memorial service was held on Friday in honor of the star, who died last week. A private funeral service for Grammy-nominated hip-hop singer and fashion designer Riky Rick was held today in Johannesburg, where he lived and worked.




The funeral for Mzanzi music icon Riky Rick was yesterday. It was broadcast live on YouTube with different news sources. People who were watching live can agree with me that this was a very sad moment. Mzanzi celebrities are also there, but you can tell that they are very broken just by looking at their faces.

After seeing Riky Rick’s coffin being carried out of the church where the service was held, one of the most well-known celebrities cried so hard in a way that it was evident that Ricky’s death tore her heart into pieces. Lasizwe Dambuza was seen crying in a very sad way. Firstly, she cried the day it was announced that Riky Rick was no more, so yesterday wasn’t her first time. She once made a live video in which she cried so much that she had to delete it. This death really touched her heart. See the photos below.

Riky and Lasizwe used to share so much in common. They are both stylists and fashion icons, so I understand why Lasizwe has been breaking down so badly about Riky’s death. The reason Lasizwe is so upset is clear to me. May Riky’s soul rest in peace, and may everyone have the strength and hope they need to deal with this.