Secret revealed: Connie Ferguson’s trick that keeps her going

Connie is one of the finest actresses of her generation, thanks to her hard work and talent.





The talented actress has been with most top drama series like Generations and The Queen.
Besides acting, Connie is also a co-founder of Ferguson Films, together with her late husband, Shona.

With so much to speak of Connie, most fans wanted to know what keeps her going even after such success.The veteran actress is well known for her commitment and dedication when she starts something.

More than not, she shared several videos hitting the gym so hard that fans could not believe it.

This left fans asking how she balances her tight schedule and gym.

She kept her energy levels high, so Connie took it to Instagram.

“Skipping has been my mood booster for the longest time, it always kickstarts my exercise routines; however, some days are pretty challenging, and with my work schedule, it’s hard to maintain my energy and physical levels consistent daily.” she said.

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After Connie Ferguson revealed her secret trick that kept her with high energy, fans loved it.

Most of them cherished her for her outstanding acting skills, while some spoke at large of how she managed to keep her body in shape.

“I do like your gym outfits, always on point. Wish Namibia has nice gym outfits.”

“Aus Connie may I please ask a challenge from you, one word… The King Of Squat us!!😄😁”

“I’m on it Sis Connie ❤️. Will try to be consistent with it 7 days coz I forget to take it.😂”

“I love you Queen Connie really you are the best I will pray every day for you. I love you 💕😘❤️”

“Wow the memories of those dressing rooms. I just felt 21 again