School in Joburg closed after Mom tests positive for coronavirus

The Ridgeway Muslim School, south of Johannesburg, announced on Saturday that they were closing after a mother of two children attending the school tested positive for Covid-19.

In a letter to parents the school said the family was in quarantine, but that the children had not displayed any symptoms.

“As a precautionary measure the board of RMS has closed the school until further notice.”

Meanwhile the mother who has tested positive sent a response on a school group after the school mailer to say that there were a few inconsistencies in the school’s notice.

She said her children were in Gr5 and Gr9.

“I can see the panic that has arisen… Firstly, the NICD [National Institute for Communicable Diseases] has confirmed that I need to communicate to each of you that no one needs to be in quarantine or needs to be tested. You or your children. My children are asymptomatic and do not have the virus based on their checks.

“They are in quarantine with me at home for 14 days simply as a precaution.”

She said she was diagnosed late on Friday night and contacted by the Department of Health.

She said after the notice by the school the Department contacted her “regarding the inaccuracies that appear on the school circular”.

The woman said she was diagnosed two weeks ago with bronchitis and had been cleared of coronavirus by two separate doctors.

She said a week ago she went on a business trip to Zambia and upon her return had a slight cough. She attributed this to her bronchitis.

“I must state that the doctor gave me the all clear to travel as Africa is low risk. Because of the recent hype, I decided to do a test as I travel to local neighbouring countries for work. I was completely shocked when I got the results last night as I have no flu symptoms tied with the virus.”

She said the family was advised to remain in quarantine as a precaution and that her children showed no signs of the virus. They will be tested twice at the end of the quarantined period before returning to work.

“We are trying our best to be positive and I hope that this message has helped you understand the situation… I am currently in shock and am making lots of Du’a [a prayer of supplication] for your kids, mine and anyone I may have come into contact with,” she said.