Scary Halloween Pumpkin Nail Art Designs 2019

Nail art is the latest fashion trend amongst women today, and why not. Every woman has a right to pamper herself to look as best as she can. Nail art gives a unique and fashionable twist to your regular looking nails. Painted with nail art designs, the nails give an attractive look to your hands. Some of the trendy nail art designs have a seasonal, festival, sport, etc. theme based patterns. For example, many women go for Halloween nail art designs, and they are particularly popular during the Halloween festive period. The Halloween nail designs go perfectly well with the scary and weird costumes that you wear that day.

What inspires the Halloween nail art is the history and rituals of the festival. Halloween is a festival of magic, the dead, and saints. The rituals of this festival have been brought together from the pre-Christian times and ancient Celtic beliefs and rituals. This is one festival that people celebrate with much fervor and excitement. Old rituals are now celebrated with modern twists and children especially have a great time playing ‘Trick or Treat’. Parties are of course a part of any festival that comes along and Halloween is no exception. Pumpkins are especially an important part of this festival. You may find pumpkins aka Jack o’lanterns outside houses, lining the streets, but that is not the only place they are found these days.

You might just be surprised to see them on your nails. Wonder how? Well, pumpkins depicted as Jack o’lanterns are a popular Halloween nail art. Wearing these nail art designs just complement the fabulous costume you have decided to wear for your Halloween party. Numerous color combinations and designs are used to create Halloween pumpkin designs as nail art. Deciding the best design for your nails can become difficult and quite confusing. To make choosing easier for you, we have searched and brought to you some of the best and most popular Halloween nail art designs here. So dig in and choose the best, and probably the most scariest of the pumpkins nail art for yourself.