Scandal|Winnie does the biggest mistake of her life by betraying the father of her child



It has been a tough period for Mbali since she was chased out of the Kubekas mansion early this year, when she betrayed Jojo about the pregnancy which has caused her to allow her sister to sleep with her husband so that they can have a child.



But this time Winnie has fallen into the trap of her sister again after allowing her to use muti on Jojo last night. She drugged him so that she can get him to sleep early and continue to remove something from his body so that Mbali can use a love potion on him.

Mbali might destroy all the good things that she was getting from Jojo if he finds out about this because they have signed a contract together, that states clearly that Jojo is the one that will get full custody of the child and he will give the mother of the child money every month.