#Scandal|Meshell bodyguard found the wrong guy at the wrong place, will it end in tears for Nhlaks?



It looks like Nhlaks will be paying for his friend’s sins after he was confronted by MeShell’s bodyguard, the lady that has been giving Ceejay good times in his room which is something that is about to turn ugly for both of them, because the information might get into the wrong hands.



Ceejay has to come up with a good plan before the innocent people got heard by this dangerous person, who will do anything to make sure that they remove their enemies on the way.

But a romantic issue between an old woman and a young man has ended in tears, because now someone will have to come clean about this whole issue that has been happening for weeks.

Layla has also caught some feelings for the young nan which might get them in a serious war with her friend after hooking her up with Ceejay.

Someone needs to check on Nhlaks before he gets beaten by this bodyguard.