Scandal|Jojo discovers a sensitive information about her wife and sister in law



Jojo has discovered sensitive information that can ruin his marriage after his wife has been lying to him for a long time, about their new child which turns out to be her sister’s child after Jojo slept with her last year.

But Jojo didn’t know about this because her wife kept feeding him with alcohol so that he can get drun

k and sleep with Winnie while he passed out. Jojo did nothing wrong on this issue all he has to do is to celebrate the birth of his first child.

The person who is going to loose on this matter is Mbali because she has been given many chances to tell the family the truth about the child.

It looks like Jojo won’t forgive her because she has done terrible things that could have got him killed, and also lost her family business after asking her uncle to invest in their family business.