Scandal|Jojo and Mbali problems are far from over, see details




A lot of drama has happened this week on Scandal we’re Jojo chased his wife and her sister-in-law out of his home, after discovering the shocking truth about his child where she was raped so that she can have that child.

But Jojo continues to express his anger in a different way when he fired their uncle from his job which turns out to be a bad move for him, because he finds it about the lies that Mbali was telling her family which turns out to be affecting everyone in the house this days.

Mdu is also going through a difficult period when he was nearly killed by his business associates, due to the protests that the community was taking in the past weeks after they was a robbery on the construction side.

But thanks to Javas because he safe Mdu’s life during that fight which ended in a victory for him.