Scandal|Future of Nhlamulo and Lindiwe lies in the hands of Mlungisi after waking up in the hospital


Parents must make sure that their children live a happy life with their partners when they are married and some of these parents can take serious risks, to make sure that this happens and this is what Zinzile is doing this days when she is trying to prove the innocence of her children, so that they can get out of the prison.




But now Mlungisi has to play his part as a parent so that this thing does happens after he was falsely murdered in the river, by Nhlamulo and now he is in prison for something that he didn’t commit.

Nhlamulo and Lindiwe are now waiting for Mlungisi to confess to the police about what has happened that day on the river after he was found alive in the hospital this week, and things are starting to look good for him and he has to decide about the future of his children.