Scandal|Dintle’s 14 Year Old Secret Is Out As Mo Reveals Her True Motives.

Dintle has not always been the good and proper Dintle we all know now. For those who have watched Scandal for many year they would that Jewel is not the only daughter Dintle has.

When Dintle was in high school got herself into lot of troubles including getting pregnant and having no other choice but to give her up for adoption to save herself from taking care of a child she had no means to. She has been one of the most ambitious characters on Scandal, who through a lot to get herself to the top. Dintle got married to the rich Mangi Nyathi just to get to the top. She even went as far as helping her father in law, Daniel Nyathi, in his dirty work just to make it.






Dintle got her second pregnancy while she was married to Mangi and only to find out at the labour room that the baby is Quinton’s and that was the end of her marriage with Mangi. She decided to keep Khanyi and co-parented with Q until his death. Now the truth she never thought will come back to her life is out to tell the whole world who she is through her show Izigigaba.

Recently, Scandal welcomed a new character by the name of Mo who joined the commune with Lindi, Ntlamulo and C-Jay. Lindi was not so happy about having Mo staying with them but C-Jay insisted and let her stay. It was clear from the start that Mo is lying about who she is to the gang, from not telling them what her name is to not producing her ID document that Lindi had been asking for.

Mo has lied that she is a first year student studying Journalism but never said where and her dream is to meet Dintle. She been going on and on about Dintle and how she wants to join Izigigaba. The girl was able to meet Dintle but she was dismissed.

Most shocking will to find out that the girl they thought is a first year student is actually a 14 year old daughter of Dintle. Read teasers below.