#Scandal|Bra Jakes wants to shake things up on his new job and Jojo is not happy about this


Bra Jakes is the new employee at Uthuli waste and he has already started to demand a lot of things at his job, and it has become a huge problem for Jojo.

Last night he has asked Jojo to give him his salary before he can even start his Jojo which is something that his nephew warn him, about where he told him that he must not use his family background to do whatever he likes.




It looks like Bra Jakes wants to shake things up at the Uthuli waste, because he will be telling Jojo to fire all his employees. After all, they are lazy and hire the new ones.

It will be a hectic show to watch in the coming weeks because he will be trying to take Iver Uthuli waste, and the only thing to do this is to win the trust of Jojo so that he can give him more responsibility.