Scandal: Winnie is rejoicing in her sisters pain

Winnie is rejoicing in her sisters pain

Winnie really wants Jojo all to herself. She is doing anything to show Jojo that she is into him. Winnie is playing happy family with her sisters husband and she sees nothing wrong with that.




Mbali is the one who initiated this whole ordeal. She did so out of desperation and her selfish reasons thinking she is clever now her plan has backfired badly.

It’s really sad as Winnie is rejoicing in her sisters pain. Winnie has now changed and She is a greedy person. She doesn’t want to see her sister happy but to take away what Mbali has worked hard for.

She has a fantasy of her, the baby and Jojo being one big happy family. She is using Mbali to get on Jojo’s good books. She also agreed to be part of Mbali’s schemes but now she is acting all holier than thou with the hope of winning Jojo.