Scandal: Winnie is dangerously in love

Winnie is dangerously in love

Mbali’s lies spice up the drama. She is a bad character that people fell in love with. Her lies and schemes has always kept viewers to their screens with suspense and curiosity. Everyone just can’t wait for Mbali’s lies to be exposed.


I was feeling sorry for Winnie before making moves on Jojo. Now she is crossing the line with no return. She thinks Jojo will wife her which is the biggest mistake. After finding the truth he will not want anything related to their family.

If Mbali goes down, Winnie follows too. At the end both sisters stand to lose out. Winnie wants to expose Mbali thinking she will be spared but they will both lose Jojo. By sabotaging her sister she has nothing to gain.

Mbali is going to regret what she did to Jojo after the truth resurfaces. At the end she will have nothing. Everything she worked hard for her entire life will be ruined because of her lies.