Scandal: Winnie got a rejection of a lifetime

Winnie got a rejection of a lifetime

On yesterday’s episode Winnie played the seduction game on Jojo again and it never worked. She did not succeed in seducing JoJo. Winnie is determined to use this whole situation to her advantage and win Jojo all to herself.

But it’s still early for her to make a move on Jojo. Jojo is still traumatized by what they did. Making a move on him was inconsiderate and selfish. It’s still early for him to move on especially with his wife’s sister.


The two sisters are always shocking Jojo. He has really seen it all with them. Jojo married into the wrong family.

Jojo is hard to get. He is a very dignified man who just can’t fall for anything that comes his way. Jojo is too matured and want to protect his dignity. He is not easily seduced or manipulated and his family knows that as well.

Winnie should just accept that she will never be like Mbali. Jojo loves Mbali not her. Seducing Jojo will never make him lover her. It’s just a pity that Mbali disappointed him.