Scandal: Something happened When Jojo Followed His “Father-in-law” | Here’s What’s Going To Happen

Jojo found out that Mbali and her family does not live in a mansion. When he got to the mansion Mbali said is her home, he found a woman. He asked how long has she been living in the mansion, “we moved in 12 years ago” she responded. Jojo told Dudu what he saw, Dudu told him maybe Mbali’s family rented the house because they were renovating their house.

Jojo has doubts about where Mbali grew up, he can not believe that Mbali has been lying to him. Jojo is going to follow his father-in-law, he noticed that his father-in-law’s car getting in the township. Jojo saw him taking off some of his clothes and got inside the house not a mansion. Mbali’s life is based on lies, she even lied about her pregnancy. Could this be the end of Mbali’s Lies?





Mlungisi is out of coma, he returned home. He is still on a journey of recovery, his speech is not perfect but he is getting better. Zinzile can at least hear him a little, Mlungisi asked about his kids. He is getting flashbacks about his past, he remembered the day Nhlamulo begged him for his blessings and to attend the wedding.

Dintle wants to finish what she started, she wants to 9talk about how she felt when she gave Motsabi away for adoption. “When Motsabi arrived here, I could have done better. Motsabi if you are watching Izigigaba, I’m sorry, please give me another chance” said Dintle LIVE on Izigigaba.

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