Scandal: Mukuna Was Killed Last Night

Joe Kazadi has played a number of roles on our screens. He has not had a long lasting role in one show, but always has rather shorter roles. It is not clear if it’s by choice or he is just not getting longer lasting roles.

Kazadi was born and raised in Congo, but moved to Durban South Africa, when he was nine. He moved to Durban with his mother, and siblings, which explains why he knows how to speak Zulu.


He has been appearing on Scandal for a few months now, as what most would refer to as the most hated villain Mukuna. He had become a problem to the Kubekas, after partnering with them in their business. They discovered he was doing the unthinkable, and didn’t want to be part of it. He threatened then when they did that, and wanted them to only listen to him, and do as he says.

On last night’s episode, the Kubekas had had enough, and were tired of living in fear. They gave Mukuna a taste of his own medicine. The Kubekas planted an explosion under his car, and that is how he died on last night’s episode.