Scandal: Mbali’s will soon be Jojo’s sister-in-law

Mbali will soon be Jojo’s sister in law

Mbali is tired of her sisters shenanigans and wants her out of her marital home. Winnie is really out of line. Mbali made a bad move by inviting her to her home when she can afford a nanny and a baby formula. Mbali brought trouble to her house.

The agreement was that she’d give her sister the baby and in return Mbali will fund her education. Winnie agreed to this plan but now she is backing out.


Winnie now feels like she can take her sisters husband because she has his child which is totally wrong and unfair. Winnie wants both the child and her sisters husband. She can’t stand Mbali and Jojo being together happy in love.

She does no longer care about the money. All she wants is to take everything that her sister has including her husband. Mbali is the mastermind of all this and it looks like her plan will backfire. A secret is a problem because it always has a way of coming out.