SCANDAL: Jojo is going to end up marrying Mbali’s sister (opinion)

SCANDAL: Jojo is going to end up marrying Mbali’s sister (opinion)

The issue of “love vs intimacy” has for a while been very debatable. Many people equate love to intimacy and vice verse. In reality, these two things are very much independent, although they may affect each other and be co-dependent.

‘Winile’ or ‘Winnie’ is a role played by Fundiswa Ngcobo. A young woman who is being used to save her older sister’s marriage, constantly. She is not only being used by her older sister to fulfil her marital duties but also the entire family which is in support of the older sister (Mbali); a role portrayed by Nolwazi Ngubeni.

In the midst of being used as her sister’s savior, Winile ends up having to produce a baby with her sister’s husband “Jojo Kubheka”, without Jojo’s knowledge. Substances were used on the man so that he could unconsciously have coitus with his sister in law.


As planned, Winike got pregnant and Mbali faked her pregnancy while waiting for her sister to give birth. Eventually, Winile gives birth and Mbali is successfully able to convince her husband that she birthed the child through multiple levels of deceit.

Fast forward to now, Mbali is unable to breastfeed the child (Nkazimulo) and was forced to bring Winile into their home, so that she can assist in terms of breastfeeding and, expressing and storing milk for the child.

Winile is uncontrollably falling in love with her sister’s husband, and the fact that she carried his baby is not helping either. She is imagining a perfect world of them three which is impossible and would be a destruction to her sister’s life who is obsessed with her marriage that she is willing to do anything for it.

However, shall the truth come out, Jojo is going to end up marrying Mbali’s sister.

Jojo is a very traditional man, who believes in having a family and a wife that bears children. This is why his wife was willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that he got his desires. If he were to find out who the real mother of the child is, and who possibly can bear more children for him, that is the woman he is most likely to choose.

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