Scandal – Friendship shades into love when Dintle is drawn into Jewels teacher

Friendship is arguably one of the most precious things in life, even when it comes from the most unlikely people.

But when Dintle (Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong) wants to push her special new friendship with Reggie Pheko (Makhaola Ndebele) – her daughter Khanyi Jewel’s (KaiAnn Munyaka) art teacher – to the next level with “extra curriculars”, someone will push back.

Reggie’s son Karabo’s (Bohlokwa Mpiti) expression on seeing the two together just screams, “Not with my daddy!”




Sitting down with Mapaseka to talk about Dintle’s latest love is pretty onbrand for someone in the giddy phase of love. So many hints, so much, “No, but I couldn’t!”.

Reggie is someone Dintle takes a liking to. He supports Dintle during a vulnerable time,” Mapaseka hints coyly.

At first Dintle is reluctant to accept the support, but then later she gives in wholeheartedly.

Reggie is good looking, emotionally intelligent, supportive, and an old-fashioned gentleman – indeed a total catch! But alas, he doesn’t seem to pick up what Dintle is putting down.

Sometimes people are too slow to read the signs. And this is what is frustrating Dintle.

TV Plus (South Africa) Thu, 17 Nov 2022