Scandal: Detective Vuvu catches Winnie breastfeeding Mbali’s baby

Detective Vuvu catches Winnie breastfeeding Mbali’s baby

Viewer’s have grown to like Vuvu’s character. Vuvu’s character is rocking and lovable as well. She is a whole vibe and the way she speaks Sepedi is very attractive.

Mbali’s saga remains the main storyline at the moment. Vuvu will catch Winnie breastfeeding Mbali’s baby. She will then start to get curious and dig until she finds out the truth.




Mbali’s decision to bring Winnie to her marital home was a bad idea. It was never gonna end well for her.

Vuvu discovered that Winnie has a crush on Jojo and told Dudu about it and this time she has discovered something more interesting. This will make her more suspicious than ever before.

Mbali has many secrets that will sabotage her marriage. It will just be sad when everything comes out and Jojo finally know who Mbali really is. As much as she was doing everything in the name of saving her marriage, her secrets will really cost her in the end.