Sbu’s Father Left Mzansi Happy After He Forced Sbu To Do This After #GogoSkhotheni Did This To Him

Sbu’s Father Left Mzansi Happy After He Forced Sbu To Do This After Gogo Skhotheni Did This To Him





Gogo Skhotheni is one of the famous traditional healers that many viewers used to love. This reality show is not doing what it is supposed to do instead it is ruining her reputation. Gogo Skhotheni has been accused of bewitching her husband ad also her boyfriend and she does not denied it.

Many viewers of the show has been calling MojaLoveTv to angel this show with immediate effect. Viewers think that people like Skotheni are the one who brings shame to the spiritual practice. Nothing educational about this show.

Gogo Skhotheni has admitted of bewitching her boyfriend Sbu. Sbu’s father has called the elders and also the chief to hear what his son is saying. His father is also saying that he has been bewitched and he need to vomit what ever he has eaten.

The way she is trying to justify holding someone with muthi is funny. She is even proud to say that it cannot be Excreted. She said that no sangoma can help Sbu with the bewitchment she put inside him. She said explain that the blood bewitchment entered to Sbu through intimacy.

Sbu’s father have tried to help his son with excreting the spell but he now seem helpless as he keeps.going back to Gogo Skhotheni. He took him sangoma who also saw that Gogo Skhotheni has bewitched him.

Mode is happy when he talks about the baby because he don’t have a baby boy and get passed when he had to speaks about Sbu. What viewers hate most is to see that Gogo Skhotheni is happy with Monde on TikTok but on tv they are acting up.

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