Sbongile From #Gomora Got Herself In Trouble After She Did This In #Gomora

Sbongile From #Gomora Got Herself In Trouble After She Did This In #Gomora





Big ups to Gomora writers for the Sbongile’s storyline, it’s so educational to Teenagers. This episode of #Gomora has made many fans to hate Duncan for what he did to Sbosh. Followers never fells sorry for her for the mistake she made again.

Sibongile in Gomorrah had to learn the hardest way. We don’t know how she will recover from this one but one thing we know for sure is that Zodwa is going to kill someone. Sadly, this is what Sibongile gets for not being grateful for and content with what she has. Sibongile thought she was going to meet Duncan’s mother little did she knew that she was getting herself in trouble.

Things for Sbosh are literally getting from bad to worse. We are made aware of GBV but never taught how to defend ourselves in a rape or abuse situation. We all process traumas differently. We don’t ever tell a victim why they took long to open a case. In this case of Sbongile in #Gomora he has been warned many times about Leballo and she still goes back to him like nothing happened.

More educational to young girls and women because this is how we get lured into these things and we end up in such situations. We get to see the consequences of our actions, not listening to our friends or family, not being careful. More than anything it is teaching us that kids are kids guys. Kids are naive and easily impressionable. As adults we need to protect the kids not prey on them.

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