Sbahle Mpisane on her recovery journey after a car accident that almost claimed her life

Popular South African fitness bunny and media personality, Sbahle Mpisane is impressed with her recovery journey since her near-fatal car accident.

The reality TV star was involved in a car accident in 2018 that saw her spend months in hospital after fracturing several bones in her body and without a bone in her ankle.




On Wednesday Sbahle shared a video of herself on her Instagram “It’s my first time doing jumping jacks since my car accident, and I’m surprised the pressure wasn’t sensitive. It was unplanned but, wow. I need a big hug because I’m in my room about to drop tears of joy,” she wrote.Story playfully doing jumping jacks while wearing a moon boot.On the next slide, Sbahle showed she had been doing leg press exercises during her gym sessions.

“Before and after my accident, and more especially during my recovery until today as a permanently injured individual, exercising has always been a personal celebration of what my body can do, and I don’t fail to say Amen.”It’s been a gradual healing journey for Sbahle, and while there have been trolls trying to rush the process, she said she is beyond grateful to be alive.

“We all know I’m beyond blessed to still manage to step on both my feet. I’m honestly not living to please people. You all do nothing more but depress us with your unnecessary words. You all were the main fuel behind all my suicide attempts, and you all are still behind my tears in 2022,” she previously wrote on her Instagram stories, reacting to social media trolls.

“I look beautiful without wearing heels. I am stronger than most people with ankle bones. I am more physically flexible without an ankle and yet you all think I am lacking benefits from what?”