SAPS knew where the deceased King of Heists lived but did nothing. Here’s why| Opinion

SAPS knew where the deceased King of Heists lived but did nothing. Here’s why| Opinion







The death of Prince Mahlangu, known as the King of Heists and Hijacking in Soshanguve brown the Internet. The man was also known for wearing outfits worth over R100 000. His death was celebrated by many while at the same time, it raised questions as to why he was not arrested even though the police knew where he lived.

One person went on social media and asked ” It is well known that the king of Heists and Car Hijacking was residing in Soshanguve. Why is it that all along the law enforcement was not doing anything about this??”. This is a question a lot of people have been asking. The answer to this is not clear but people made their claims and many believe that the police lacked concrete evidence against him while some of the police also benefitted from him.

People had this to say ” Sometimes, it’s difficult for law enforcement to apprehend a known criminal because some of them are smart. They make sure that there’s no evidence linked to them. It’s all about evidence”.

” You have to have evidence before arresting people. South Africa is a Constitutional democracy. You knowing someone does heists and stuff is useless if you have never seen them do it or you have but you’re too scared to testify against them in Court”.

It is well known that one needs to have concrete evidence against someone for them to get convicted. People knew of Prince but no arrest was ever made against him for his source of income. Perhaps another reason why he was a free man is because he worked with SAPS and they probably took bribes from him because SAPS is well known for that. The good part about Gangsterism is that the same gangsters always eliminate each other.

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