SA’ns Believe that Trevor is the Father of Bontle’s baby after Spotting this from her Bathroom Photo

Trevor Noah is a South African comedian, television host, actor, and political commentator. He is the host of The Daily Show, an American satirical news program on Comedy Central. Born in Johannesburg, Noah began his career in South Africa in 2002.

Trevor might be living in the US, but South Africans keep on suspecting that he’s the father of Bontle modisele’s child, Afrika. The twitter investigation doesn’t believe that Priddy ugly is the father of his own daughter as she doesn’t strike any resemblances with him at all, but she’s a 100%copy of Trevor Noah.

However, ever since the beginning of this story back in 2021, South Africans have been suspecting that Bontle could be having an affair with Trevor , and they have been trying to gather evidence, so that they can have concrete Proof of their theory.







However it appears that, right now we finally have the decider, as yesterday a twitter user finally caught Bontle off guard. Yesterday a young twitter user caused a commotion after he posted pictures of Bontle in the bathroom with her daughter.

Things got interesting as South Africans went to spot some resemblances of Trevor’s Noah at the Bathroom mirrors, and after that, they went to conclude that Trevor is indeed the real father of Baby “Afrika”.

If you can zoom closely to the bathroom mirror you will see some resemblances of Trevor Noah’s head, meaning that he could be the one taking the picture of Bontle and her daughter.

See how people reacted to this tweet below:

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