Salaries: Durban Gen actress Mpume Mthombeni ‘Agatha’s salary stuns Mzansi

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Salaries Durban Gen actress Mpume Mthombeni ‘Agatha’s salary stuns Mzansi.

Mpume Mthombeni joined the cast of Durban Gen a few months after the series premiered and has remained a member of the cast through the second season. Agatha, a devoted mother of two successful men, was introduced to us when she first joined. Thabo, her older son, is a doctor, while Sibusiso, her younger son, worked in the transportation industry. This changed abruptly as her life descended into disarray as a result of her loss.
Mpume Mthombeni as Agatha in Durban Gen




Agatha learnt at the conclusion of the first season that her daughter-in-law Mbali was not a virgin when she married Sibusiso. While Agatha’s family was still dealing with the chaos, her husband took ill and died. While Agatha was still grieving the loss of her husband, her eldest son found lies among his family, which prompted him to go on a murdering rampage. When Thabo learned that Subusiso is the biological father of his son, he murdered his brother, nurse Calvin, and took his wife hostage.

Agatha. Mbali and Thabo in Durban GenAgatha. Mbali and Thabo in Durban Gen-Image Source(Instagram/DurbanGen)

Having to bury a child and see another youngster’s incarceration for murder nearly put her to the hospital. Sibusiso’s last will and testament, in which he left everything to Mbali, did not sit well with Agatha, who believed that a cheating wife did not deserve the inheritance. Last night’s episode marked one year since Sibusiso’s death, triggering Agatha’s anguish as she mourned her husband and son once more. Her receptionist position at Durban General Hospital and her stokvel had distracted her for months.
Mpume Mthombeni’s salary on Durban Gen stuns Mzansi

Actress Mpume MthombeniMpume Mthombeni on Durban Gen-Image Source(Instagram/Durban Gen)

Mthombeni is the actor who portrays Agatha in the drama series, and as with every other performer, she excels in her part. Fans have been startled by Mpume’s monthly compensation for her role as Agatha, which is astronomical. The actress has a recurrent position as a member of the supporting cast, for which she earns an estimated R35,000 each month. This sum fluctuates month-to-month based on the number of scenes and episodes she appears in. When determining how much to pay cast members, the fact that the actress has been in the industry for years and is now seasoned is taken into account.