Salaries: Actress Liteboho Molise’s salary on Lingashoni compared to Muvhango stuns Mzansi

Liteboho Molise”/>Liteboho Molise is a household name at this point due to her television work. After spending many years on Muvhango, she left the show last year for a bigger role. She presently portrays Seipati in Lingashoni, which is a lead role. When money or a more major role is at stake, it is typical for actors to switch roles. The actress is one of many actresses who took the opportunity to play the major role when it presented itself.

During her time in Muvhango, Liteboho portrayed Tebogo in the television drama. She was the wife of Mulalo, the original mayor of Thathe. Mulalo succeeded Azwindini as chief following their deception of the entire tribe. Nonetheless, in order to protect their secret, the two murdered Vhangani’s wife and nearly escaped, but were apprehended by KK. This led to a series of odd occurrences that eventually revealed the truth, and Tebogo attempted to murder Mulalo. She is currently doing time in jail for her offenses.




Liteboho Molise with Muvhango castLiteboho Molise with Muvhango cast-Image Source(Instagram/LitebohoMolise)
Liteboho Molise’s salary on Muvhango

Molise’s role in the series was unique, and she effortlessly brought Tobogo to life. The actress was adequately compensated for her role by word-of-mouth images. Given that the character she played in the telenovela was not a leading one, she was offered between R30 000 and R45 000. This would fluctuate depending on the number of scenes she performed in a particular month.

When she joined the cast of Lingashoni in 2021 as Seipati, Liteboho made news. She portrays the woman who saves a man with memory loss who is nearly drowning in a river. After ten years of cohabiting, Seipati discovers that the man she has fallen in love with is a wealthy businessman. Seipati suffers after he returns to his life and takes her with him.

Liteboho Molise with Lingashoni castLiteboho Molise with Lingashoni cast-Image Source(Instagram/LitebohoMolise)
Molise ‘Seipati’s compensation on Lingashoni

After a period of time spent wooing his first wife, Seipati discovers love in the arms of his business colleague. Gagashe loves her in a manner she has never been loved before, making her dreams come true. This is a leading part, and Liteboho is well compensated for performing it. She reportedly earns at least R50,000 for bringing Seipati to life, according to rumors. This is more than she earned in Muvhango; her only sorrow is that Lingashoni will soon cease manufacturing.