SAD| What Is Now Happening To Babes Wodumo Is Concerning: Find Out Here

Sometimes in life when people meet challenges, they pretend as if everything is alright but behind closed doors, it is another story. When people are alone, that is when reality kicks in.




This is the story of singer babes Wodumo who has been recently mourning her husband Mampintsha after he recently passed away on the 24th of December because of a stroke. Throughout the burial, Wodumo seemed to be coping as most of the times she was even dancing as a sign of strength.

However, Babes Wodumo’s sister has revealed that the singer was struggling to accept her husband’s death. She said she will be crying at most of the times. It is understandable that when she is alone she misses her husband and perhaps her son is always calling his father only to find out he is not there.

This is surely a tough time for Babes Wodumo who has to go on with life by herself while she was accustomed for many years to live with a husband by her side. May she be well.

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