SAD|| Somizi’s daughter BREAKS down at her Grannies graveyard. See why

It is highly possible that the changing of her surname would make her feel very closer to her late grandmother as they where very close. However Somizi seems to be very uninterested in the whole surname matter. Because if he was interested, he would’ve solve the whole situation a very long time ago. But instead Somizi focuses more on friendship that his own daughter which is why Bahumi longs her Grannies love. I mean after all they where very close.



Imagine nagging your dad to do right by you. The worst part must be that it’s not like Palesa’s family resents him, it’s not like he doesn’t have the money or lack of relationship with his uncles, he just does not WANT 2. It’s crazy, and he goes around saying his a good person. And yet he let’s her daughter suffer like this. My heart aches even more because genuinely the late Mary Twala is probably the only person Bahumi needed to make her feel confident in her decision to change her surname and now she’s not here. Sad indeed.