SAD || Skeem Saam Actress Quits Her Job After This Happened At Work

Skeem Saam continues to make sure that viewers are pleased because of the content that they make. Over the past years writers did a good work to make sure that viewers were pleased and judging by the love the cast is receiving from viewers it can be said that writers are doing a good work. The cast is known for being educational and serving viewers the content that is really relevant. What is more good is that after each storyline, a strong message gets to be sent to the country.

Also their talented actors who are able to portray their characters were also praised for the good work that they always do. Recently the cast has been praised for bringing the issue of school and work bullying that is being faced by many people worldwide. A day does not pass without teachers and learners being bullied at school. Viewers were left impressed and kept on praising the cast for always being relevant at all times.




This also triggered the emotions of many people who have been bullied before. It’s sad to see that after seeing so many people ending their lives because of being bullied, there are still people who continue to bully others. Yesterday it was an emotional day after principal Thobakgale acted by Elizabeth Serunye decided to call it quits. Because of being bullied at school and being accused of doing things that she did not do, she ended up deciding to call it quits.

On one of the occasions she was bullied by a drone that made her to run for her life and children continued to call her names. Because of the pressure that she is going through at work she decided to resign . It triggered the emotions of many people because so many people have commited suicide, others quit their jobs because of such things. This is a lesson to all parents to make sure that they teach their children a proper way of living with other people. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.