Sad: Senzo Mayiwa’s Mother Left Heartbroken After Men Dressed As Police Did This To Her

Senzo Mayiwa’s case is one that is well known in South Africa in one case that many people are hoping to see justice take its course, especially after the many years he lost his life and so far not much is known about how the soccer star was actually murdered during the night he was at his girlfriend’s house, Kelly Khumalo.

Not only did his death leave his family with unanswered questions, but many people who were fans of the soccer player also want answers. People are most especially disappointed that after the many years since his death, even in his grave, Senzo has not received any form of justice and it is still an on-going case.





Senzo’s death left his family heartbroken and still fighting to seek justice, and since he’s dead, his family has been experiencing heartbreak after heartbreak. After a few years of Senzo’s death, Senzo’s father also passed on due to a stroke, and this caused the family more pain. Currently, they are dealing with the court proceedings of their son’s case and are hoping for the truth to be revealed.

But while they wait for justice, Senzo’s mom has been going through her own bad ordeals. People were left saddened when they found out that the soccer player’s mom was robbed at a Ma by men who were dressed as police pretending to help her. Interviewed on a YouTube channel, Senzo’s mom shared that last week she was at a shopping center and was speaking to an unknown woman. The woman then picked up a purse, and then they were approached by men dressed as police, claiming they were looking for stolen items.

Then she gave them all her belongings, including her bank pin. The men then left, but never returned. She was then sent to the bank only to find out that all her money had been stolen. The emotional mother shared that she cried and could not hold back tears.