Sad|| People troll Pinky girl for posting about her father’s death rather than mourning

People troll Pinky girl for tweeting about her father’s death rather than mourning. Social media can be a good thing where you can interact with people and celebrities use it to interact with their fans but there are also some haters and trolls.

Pinky girl took to Twitter to share that her father passed away. People trolled her and said that the first she she thought to do was to post it on Twitter. Others asked her why would she post such rather than mourning. Some people also said that when they lost their loved ones social media was the last thing in thier mind.



However others said that people all deal with grief differently. Some people want the comfort from strangers. Fans defended Pinky girl and said that everyone is different. It is so sad to see Pinky girl being trolled on Twitter while going through something so sad.

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