SAD: My brother Ditebogo lost his life on his wedding by car accident

Kehilwe Maffie, along with the bride and groom’s families, lost Ditebogo in an accident on his wedding day, when they should have been celebrating their big day. It is a sad moment for them to go through such pain and have their wedding turned into a funeral. Everyone does experience death, but not the way with Ditebogo. They have planned a wedding and they have to immediately start planning and organising a funeral.

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He has not yet experienced the lifestyle through being married and it will never happen for him. But with his family being left with pain and remembering him through pictures, people from different places went to his home to enjoy a wedding and only to encounter the death of the person who brought them together for such a big day.

Images of Shona and Ditebogo:

It was a day for him to have a ring on his finger. It is really a bad time that no one may have seen coming and it is never something expected at that moment. All the preparations they had made were actually for his death, but they were not aware of it. It is how death is encountered because you don’t know when it will actually happen. You just have to prepare for it, but not in which way? It will eventually happen, but its time is unknown.

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People getting are divorced within a year of marriage is painful, but when it comes to Ditebogo, it is very much more painful and it literally goes from being happy to crying because they have lost Ditebogo. They must be grieving and the car was severely damaged as a result of the accident. In life, there are bad and good times.


The good times are more loved because they are the only time people will actually enjoy the existence of life. It is very unfortunate for them and even to go through the message from Kehilwe.