SAD: More Details Gets Revealed About Busi Lurayi’s Death

This week started off on a sad note in the South African entertainment industry when it was shared that two people who were in the industry passed on on Sunday. Tumi Tladi, who was a well-known rapper, passed on at the age of 30 on Sunday, and we’ll know that stage and television actress Busi Lurayi passed on at the age of 36. In the past few months, the entertainment industry has had many losses that people are still trying to come to terms with even to this day.

It is unfortunate that these days, death visits young people who still have so much to offer in this world. Many of the artists who passed on in the entertainment industry who passed on from last year till now were very young and still had so much to offer when it comes to their art and their talent. Busi Lurayi was still a young woman who was a talented actress that many people enjoyed watching on their screens for her role as Phumzile on Ses’Top La, a comedy show that thousands of South Africans used to watch back in the days. People witnessed.




her growth as an actress when she appeared in the much loved South African series that played on Netflix, known as How To Ruin Christmas. When the series was released and South Africans watched it, many were impressed by the role that she played as Tumi, and they enjoyed her acting as well. Busi will be remembered for her craft, her hard work, and the love and humility that she had.

It was reported that Busi was found dead in her apartment while the family were still waiting for the results of what could have caused her death. It was revealed that Busi did not feel well on set that day, so she went home, but when she was gone for too long, her father was contacted, and he immediately went to her apartment. He found Busi dead in her daughter’s room. The police were called, and they contacted the paramedics, but sadly, the paramedics declared Busi dead at 11:15 on Sunday.

May her beautiful soul rest in peace.

More Details Emerge On The Moment Busi Lurayi’s Lifeless Body Was Found In Her Daughter’s Room