SAD || Dj Dimplez Dies Five Days After Paying A Tribute To Riky Rick, RIP

Death has robbed South Africa another musician who played an important role in the entertainment industry. It’s not yet a week since Rikhado Makhado popularly known as “Riky Rick” was laid to rest. He was laid to rest this past tuesday after committing suicide. He hanged himself using a rope and was found hanging at his home by his wife together with his management team. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was confirmed dead on arrival. His death ripped the hearts of many people apart.

South Africans are still in shock and it still feels like a dream to many people that he passed away. He has been going through depression and people never thought that he would end his life. His presence in the entertainment industry is already missed. Many celebrities revealed that his death will be a pain to them for as long as they are still living. It’s clear that he lived positively with other people and impacted positively in their lives. His story will definitely be told to the next generation.




When South Africans are still healing and trying to come into terms with Riky Rick’s death another musician died.Tumi Mooi popularly known as DJ Dimplez passed away today hours ago. It still feels like a nightmare to many people as they try to come into terms with his passing. He was an award winning Hip Hop musician who worked so perfectly in the industry. He worked with successful musicians including the likes of Cassper Nyovest. He was one of the best in the industry.Just five days ago he paid a tribute to Riky Rick revealing how heartbroken he is by his death. Now people are going to bid him farewell too.

South Africans have revealed that his death will forever be a pain to them. They were not ready to bid him farewell soon. His close friend who did not reveal his details has assured the public that the family will reveal more about how he died. This has left many people concerned and heartbroken.The entertainment industry of South Africa is in need of serious prayers. We cannot continue to lose more people. These people played an important role on representing South Africa on an international platforms. May his soul rest peace. Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.