Sad: Actor dies after being in a COMA since February

The entertainment industry is facing a dark cloud, death every week.

Celebrities now are living in fear of what is happening and they are scared for their lives.



As I have stated, it seems like every week, there is a certain celebrity who dies and it’s scary now.

Since the year started who have lost quite a number of celebrity.

The latest celebrity who has passed on is The Estate’s actor, Siyanda Siya Sesimane who passed away on Friday.

Sesimane had been in ICU since February after he was brutally attacked at his home.

The news about his death and the cause was revealed by his close friend and TV colleague, Zola Hashatsi.

Hashatsi revealed that Siyanda had been in a coma since February 15, after he was injured in a house burglary.

Today, being Monday, Siya was due for a surgery as it is his birthday too, unfortunately it didn’t arrive as he passed on two days ago.

Zola expressed confusion as she is not sure if was a burglary because it just feels personal, considering that the industry is filled with jealousy.

Siya was defined as a kind, soft and a gentle soul with few friends.